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I'm Gonna Write a Letter to My Brother-in-Law, Keith...

Hey Keith,

It was great to see you recently and to have all the family together in the beautiful, downtown Charleston. And its always great to talk with you and Patti, although the time seems to pass so quickly. I never seem to feel that we finished our conversation!

That said, I wanted to write you a letter to respond to your question that I never answered. Not that I didn't want to. I didn't know how to at the time! I don't know if you remember, but at one point during the reception, you looked at me and ask, "why haven't you posted anything to your blog lately?" The question sorta punched me in the gut and hasn't left me since. Its now been 6 months since my last post. I'd now like to break my silence.

Suffice it to say that the answer is multifaceted. Like many others in America, the past six months have been like a scene from some Orson Wells-ish type movie. The elections were difficult to watch and the circus that followed was confusing. There is no doubt that the elections were filled with malfeasance and irregularities. And why no one seems willing to take a simple review is beyond understanding. But worse yet, is the subsequent erosion of freedom. Mandatory this, mandatory that, stay at home, can't gather for worship (but you can gather for protests), and the list of erosion of freedoms continues on and on. Just this morning, I saw where a Christian college in Missouri can't legally deny a man from going into the women's showers on campus if he wants to do so. Am I the only one that thinks this a train wreck waiting to happen? Anyone, anytime, anywhere, could be cancelled and/or demonized just for raising a question. And all because of differing opinions. Since when did different opinions become a crime in America? Its frightening to see these things unfolding and I admit it, I was knocked on my heals for a brief season. I withheld blog posts for fear that I would be judged and pigeon-holed into categories that I did not wish to be cast.

But understand, its not just been fear. I have also been Confused. Things did play out like I thought they would and whenever someone experiences disappointment, there follows confusion and if that person is wise, a season introspection. Its like the 3 days between the cross and the resurrection. Twelve men and I don't know how many women, who left everything, their homes, their careers and even their families to follow Jesus were trying to figured out what just happened. They believed. They put all their eggs in His basket. They were confident. And then, their hopes were crushed as he's killed in unjust and brutal fashion. If you can for a second, imagine what that must have felt like to wake up the morning after the day of the crucifixion, I think you will understand my mental status in January, February and March. Surely not as intense, nevertheless, the "what just happened?" was intense enough. Knowing what just happened generates anger. Knowing where we are as a society, generates sadness. Knowing what comes next generates anxiety...except...I know something, and I'm not anxious nor am I afraid.

So. There's your answer brother Keith. So what do I know and why am I not afraid? Well, I'm glad you asked. Unfortunately, that is a multifaceted answer as well. I'm preparing a number of letters in the next few days that should explain my deeply held confidence and faith. Perhaps I'll copy you on them.

Until we meet again. Be blessed brother!


aka Dr. Russell Thomas, PhD

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