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Seeking.  Its a lost art. 

They were a vanishing breed...until now. 

But its a new day.  Times have changed.  No longer are the days of going to church, watching the show, clapping your hands to music with a funky beat, hopping around and listening to the Rock Star preacher pander to the crowds
.  Nothing wrong with upbeat music and a good sermon, but the day demands more than a Sunday morning hootenanny will provide.  There’s simply too much happening Monday through Saturday.  That level of believing in Jesus will no longer suffice.  No, the day demands more.  It demands discernment, courage and conviction.  It demands Seeking!



A New Breed of Believers Walking an Ancient Path




A New Breed of  Believers
Walking an Ancient Path

M. Russell Thomas, PhD

Seekers is about the answer.  The answer to today's barrage of problems. 

Seekers is about finding.  Seek and find.  Seek and find life. 

Seekers is about redefining the Christian walk and a call back to the Ancient Path.

Seeking is part of the human genetics.  The Seeker Gene awakens the soul to the reliable path. This book is a call for Believers to return to the Ancient Path and seek the One who holds the keys to the issues of life.  It is timely and relevant to the day and hour.  It is a must read for those seeking a reliable path in a time when most things are not as they seem....and you will seek Me, and you will find Me...                                                                       Jeremiah 29:13 

M. Russell Thomas, PhD

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