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The MAMM Project!

What is MAMAM?  The Marvelous Adventures of Melitus Marphwaffle, or MAMM, is a series of children's stories.  The series begins with our lovable friend, Melitus, who is kind of tall to be so short, kinda fat to be so skinny and has lots of hair on his bald head!  A unique guy to say the least!  While he's searching for his mom and dad who went missing at sea, Melitus sets out to find them when he winds up in America.  There he meets Ernest C. Hollingsworth, a redneck from Kentucky, while Ivan Baryishnikov, a Russian dissident, later joins the duo forming one of the most unlikely triad of friendships in the history of the world.  Your children will fall in love with these delightful characters as their adventures take them all over the universe....literally!  They'll be hunted by Jackanannies, dance with hippies at the Dandelion Festival, while challenged by the infamous General Bigshot, whose desire to rule the universe starts with the honey bees!  There's a character for everyone as the Trio teach us about a friendship that transcends all differences.     

The Marvelous Adventures of Melitus Marphwaffle:
The Land of NAIS
(Not as It Seems)

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The Land of
Not as it Seems

The Marvelous Adventures of
Melitus Marphwaffle

M. Russell Thomas

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Kindle eBook     $5.99
Paperback Book  $13.99
Hardback Book $15.99

The History of MAMM.  In 2010, Russell & Karen Thomas answered the call to adopt.  A sibling group of 3 boys were taken into their home in December of that year.  There were many obstacles to overcome. The emotional aftermath of neglect leaves its scars on a tender soul, leaving children reluctant, if not incapable, of connecting and trusting those who are attempting to heal their wounds.  

Russell & Karen found themselves seeking any means possible to find a way to form emotional bonds and meaningful connections.  While Karen worked diligently to love and nurture the boys each day, Russell, a PhD clinical psychologist of 30 years at the time, realized that all the psychology training in the world had not prepared him for this endeavor.  With no more psychology tricks in his bags and desperate to bring some sort of order to bedtime, Russell spontaneously blurted out one night in the midst of chaos, "do you boys know what a Marphwaffle is?!"  To his surprise and maybe for the first time in 2 years of bedtime routines, there was silence and the boys got still!"  At that moment, Melitus was born and "Melitus stories" defined bedtime routine!  Not nearly a night was skipped for 7 years without a Melitus story.

Each morning the boys would gather around the breakfast table, excitedly telling Karen about the previous night's Melitus story.  In 2017, Karen finally insisted that Russell begin to write these stories for posterity sake.  The first Series was published in 2018.  The goal is to finish Volume I, each comprised of 7 series with 7 adventures (stories) for a total of 49 bedtime stories by 2022.  The stories highlight the virtues of friendship and joy of adventure.  There are ups and downs, ins and outs, but Melitus, Ernest and Ivan always have a way of working things out and nurturing their friendship.  Whether you have adopted, inherited children or are seeking to build bonds with your biological children, or even grandchildren, The MAMM project will help you build connections with your children that will last a lifetime!



The MAMM Project!

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