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A Letter to the American Voter...VOTE!

Dear American Voter,

I'm writing this letter today reluctantly. I have a history of avoiding political rankle and not being one to blast political posts. While I have voted in every election since Ronald Reagan in 1980, I have chosen to let my vote remain my business and let it speak for private. However, this is 2020 for crying out loud and I think it safe to say that all protocols have been smashed and thrown out the window this year! So here it goes.

I woke up throughout the evening anxious about the election and the course that is set before us. In my mind, there are 2 distinct, vastly different, futures set before us today. I will get to those futures in just a minute. But first, its clear that you, the American Voter must decide. The stakes are high. I woke up while still dark outside, jumped online like I always do, and learn that not only is America preparing for the vote, but for a violent reaction to the vote. I read how businesses are boarding up in Washington, DC, in anticipation of rioting and looting. Videos are being released by extremists groups who are threatening and organizing to shut down everything from federal buildings to the White House...and I wondered if I was still in America! Why? In my 60+ years of being on this planet, I have never awakened to an election day like this! I feel the need to take drastic measures to protect my family and property tonight. Again, something I've never faced in all my years. So American Voter, I implore you to think a little bit here and ask yourself some critical, soul-searching questions.

The two futures. I mentioned the 2 futures, now let me outline them. Let me say first, that these are not my opinions. These 2 futures have been outlined by the 2 major political parties, themselves. One side, you have the Republican party defined by this:

* Kindness to Israel, i.e., starting with recognizing the land as belonging to Israel

* Rejection of abortion and the killing of the unborn

* Protection of the Constitution and the quest for a more perfect democratic society

* Lower Taxes

* Jobs to remain in America

* Police to be respected, supported

* Freedom of religion

* Second amendment right to bear arms

On the other side, you have the Democratic party defined by this:

* Animosity to Israel, i.e., belief that Israel should be divided and her most ruthless

enemies be granted privilege to live next door

* Support of abortion and the killing of the unborn all the way through birth

* Rejection and dismantling the Constitution in favor of socialism (think Communism's

first cousin!)

* Raise Taxes

* Jobs to shift overseas

* Police to be defunded and disrespected

* Religious freedoms restricted or even worse, eliminated

* Second amendment right to bear arms limited or rejected altogether

I could go on but let me ask you, American Voter. Never mind the personalities leading the parties what does the party stand for? And more importantly, what do you stand for? What are your values? Do you value Israel? Do you believe the unborn to be a life or a choice? Today, right now, is your day to declare your values and your principles. As the British statesman, Edmund Burke famously said, the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

Mr. & Mrs. American Voter, today is your day. We stare down the double barrel of 2 distinct and very different futures. It is Rocky vs. Drago (think Rocky IV!) It seems like every 4 years people squawk about "this being the most important election of our lifetime"...this year, I believe them. The stakes are high. Its not the blue pill or the red pill. Its literally, democracy vs. socialism. Freedom vs. Government overreach (don't think it could happen?...go to California State website and read the government mandates for Thanksgiving family gatherings...I rest my case!). This is serious stuff, people! Today, you've got a voice. Four years from now, who knows?

So, I'll close my letter by saying, if you haven't done so already, I urge you to exercise your freedom today. Get out and cast your vote!

God bless,

Dr. Russell Thomas

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