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I'm Gonna Write a Letter to...Those Who Still Think for Themselves

I'm really not a guy who walks around picking fights and trying to stir things up. I'd much prefer to avoid as long as possible, strive to keep the peace and try to make sure all are as happy as possible. However, I'm also not one that takes kindly to intimidation or fear. I once attacked a poor racoon with a golf club in my garage in the middle of the night after becoming convinced that I had a mangy thief running rampant through my possessions! But that's a story for another time. Needless to say, when pressed, I have it within me to pick up a golf club and charge headlong at my fears.

Well today, I'm pressed to pick up a golf club and purge the racoon! This entire year of 2020 has been one big attempt to instill fear and intimidation. It has been a constant barrage of ideas and philosophies designed to instill intense fear and anxiety in the hearts of the people. To my detriment, I have done what I usually do...avoid. That is, avoid until I can't anymore. But its not the media that I write my letter to today or the corrupt politicians who are messing with our freedoms, or the fanaticals that rage on both wings of the American political bird, but rather, it is to the "me's" in the world. I'm writing to the working class, born-and-raised-in-America, family-focused, dirt-under-the-fingernails, my-tired-back-hurts people who may still be thinking for the themselves these days. I'm writing to those who value their personal freedoms. I don't care what color your skin might be, whether you're a man or a woman, rich or poor, Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Heathen or Atheist. If you still think for yourself and value freedom, I'm writing to you!

Now another thing about me. I'm not a scolder, I generally don't rant or yell. Those who know me know that I work very hard at being non-judgmental and accepting. I'm a psychologist for goodness sake! We're trained to be that way and I've embraced that philosophy for almost 4 decades. I believe strongly that people do best when they are free to think for themselves and make their own decisions. Its called personal responsibility and even though many struggle with this concept, it is still the highest road for humans to truly happy and reach their full potential. So my letter to you is not to persuade you to live like I think you should live or believe exactly as I believe, and I'm certainly not passing the plate to ask for money! No, I simply want to ask those who still think for themselves a few questions today.

The Questions are as follows:

  1. First and foremost, does anybody think it odd that people are so incredibly afraid and are approaching near-delusional fear of a virus that if you're reasonably healthy, you have over a 99% chance of surviving, which is only slightly lower survival rates than influenza?

  2. Does anybody think it odd that the COVID pandemic happened during an election year?

  3. Does anybody find it odd that COVID originated in China, a country that has strong and clandestine ties to our top ranking political leaders?

  4. Does anybody find it odd that the main physician, whom one of our prominent college basketball coaches referred to as "America's point guard", also sits on the board of one of the major corporations spearheading the vaccination for COVID?

  5. Does a mask really protect you from the COVID virus? Or maybe the better question is, what masks are effective in what situation?

  6. Does the massive push for everyone to wear a mask strike anyone as odd, i.e., could there be any other agenda involved in pushing the wearing of a mask?

  7. Is anyone find it odd that at least 2 governors of two of the largest states in the US and the Speaker of the House of Representatives, have imposed the most strict mandates and guidelines for wearing masks, social distancing, and limiting gatherings during the holidays, yet have been caught not adhering to their own rules and guidelines...and that all parties are basically given passes for their behavior while their hypocrisy is swept under the proverbial rug?

  8. Did anyone question whether these high ranking officials really believe all these COVID measures are necessary? And, if they do, why do they believe it is necessary for the masses but not for themselves?

  9. Does anybody think it odd that mail in ballots were pushed so hard and now we have a mess trying to accurately and truthfully tally the votes?

  10. Does anybody think it odd that the media has declared a winner of the presidential election when it has no such authority to do so?

  11. Does anybody think it odd that all of sudden when can't find any coins anymore?

  12. Does anybody think it odd that gun ammo is flying off the shelves like candy?

  13. Does anybody think it odd that in some states, gyms, massage parlors, ABC stores, and even night clubs are allowed to meet, but churches aren't or attempts are being made to limit their religious expression, i.e., not allowed to sing, chant, etc.?

  14. Does anybody find it odd that protesters and rioters were (and maybe still are) allowed to do their thing while religious groups simply trying to bring some sense of joy and freedom to the world, are either prohibited or severely castigated for meeting?

  15. Does anyone ever feel like we are living in the Land of Not as it Seems (copyright protected)?

And finally, given all the questions above, does anybody find it odd that our world is currently in a confused mess?...just asking.

Just a few questions...for those who still think for themselves, consider themselves reasonable people and are not buying hook, line and sinker what they are being told to believe. Again, I'm just asking.

Thanks and God bless,

Dr. Russell Thomas

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