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The Day the World Came to a Grinding Halt!

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

For over 40 years, I have kept a personal journal. It began as simply a way to meditate on Bible passages, jot down my thoughts and a few thoughts about how it applied to my life. Initially, it was recorded in various journals and evolved to electronic files as the personal computer evolved. For years, I have called these journals my Daily Bread files. They have evolved to include not only my scripture studies but also what I feel in my heart about God, relationships and life. I often just "air-out" my thoughts and feelings. Daily Bread now documents not only my life, but also the world in which I live. These thoughts are usually just for me and are not open to public. However, today, I want to share my entry to Daily Bread about what I see happening in the world and my take on things. And what is going on right now in the world is unmerited crisis. It’s the corona virus COVID-19 crisis. Media calls it an epidemic or pandemic. When I look at the numbers, its hard for me to say that 93 documented cases in North Carolina represent a pandemic. Lets say that number is grossly unreported or undiagnosed and its 10 times that, or 930 cases. North Carolina’s population is 10.4 million. That’s 9 to the minus 5th degree or less than 1 in over a hundred thousand or .00009 percent! (Don't hold me too those exact figures but suffice it to say, its a very small number!) ...and with no fatalities reported in North Carolina! Yes, I get that this could become a major problem, but the truth is, it is not. It is not because the numbers don’t support it being so or all the anxiety and fear that is driving a tremendous amount of irrational thinking and behavior, and it is not because God is bigger than COVID-19. Many of the prophetic Christians have been prophesying that this year is a tremendous year for growth in the Kingdom of God and that “stadiums” will be filled with Christian events. If life were a game of chess, the enemy just belted out “check” as he throws out a virus that prevents the people from gathering in mass. Today, the Governor of NC announces not more that 50 people can gather in one place. Schools, churches, government agencies and restaurants are shut down. There is no sit-down dining available in NC at this time. More personally, all but one of my psychological evaluations (I'm a clinical psychologist and my practice is almost exclusively evaluations) was cancelled this week (5 total) and the one that was completed was conducted on a picnic table outside a mental health center! ...sorta messes with cash flow to say the least and I know that I'm not the only one! That said, I am in agreement with a semi-lockdown, because it does have the effect of slowing the spread of the virus. But more importantly to me, I'm in agreement because I get to be at home with my wife and the family without ta gnawing sense that I should be out doing something. I get to sit and think about things. I have a sense that doing so will lead me to revelations and answers to many of the things that I’ve been trying to accomplish, specifically this month. As they say, "difficulty is the mother of invention"...or something like that! I look back and see where this month began with a personal word from the Lord focusing on “catching the wind” and that many things that I’ve been struggling to make happen will "catch a tail wind" and be propelled to completion. A popular minister and teacher, Johnny Enlow recently pointed out that when the big storm hit (Mark 4) and Jesus was found sleeping in the back of the boat, that the journey actually began with the words “let us cross over to the other side”. I’m thinking that somewhere in the squalls of that horrific storm, probably about the time that a huge wave broke over the boat and leaving the disciples clinging to the ropes for their very lives, somebody somewhere was wondering about that whole let us cross over thing?! So, here we are. Its great to be home with Karen, Jeffrey and the boys. While admittedly there is some angst about how things will work out, there is no angst that they will work out! There is no question that God has everything under control and that our needs will be met and that it will more than likely be in the most unusual of ways. So, the enemy shouts “check” but then God roars, “checkmate!” So, take a deep breath, several if needed, and be reminded that COVID-19 didn't take God by surprise and He's still in control! From the Daily Bread notes of Dr. Russell Thomas

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