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What's Coming Down the Pike...

Ok. So I wanted to let everyone know that some interesting stuff is coming down the pike in the next few weeks here on the I'm Gonna Write a Letter blog. Two things in particular. First, I'm announcing my latest book currently at press and to be available by the end of August. Its an exciting new book that is rather unusual in its content. For a sneak peak, ever since 2011 I have been telling our adopted boys stories about an unique character named Melitus and his two best friends, Ernest C Hollingsworth and Ivan Baryshiniknov. In 2015, I told a series of stories to the boys about the Trio ending up in the Land Not as it Seems 2020). As I was writing these stories into a manuscript during the shutdown in April, I was struck by the eerie similarities of the stories to our current COVID-19 pandemic. So much so, that I now believe that my soul somehow visited the future to catch a glimpse of the pandemic some 5 years before it hit! While written to children, the series entitled The Land of Not as it Seems, contains cruise ships, quarantines, the wild west (think lawlessnes), a monster that is not what he seems and a mean snake who seeks to make the Trio his slaves...sounds like 2020 to me! You will not want to miss this read, particularly how the Trio makes their way back home. Perhaps their ticket out of the Land of Not as it Seems is also our path out of the cacophony of today's mishmash of a world we are experiencing. I'll write more in the days to come.

But second, I'm excited to write a series of letters about 2 studies that I learned about way back in the day when I was a psychology student. The studies, known as The Milgram Study and The Stanford Prison Experiment are hallmark studies in psychology, addressing issues such as why people comply even when they know better, what happens to people when they are granted power and authority and, most importantly, what happens to people when they robbed of their individual and collective identities as human beings. Even though these studies were conducted some 50 years ago, they have tremendous implications for today's world as we try to navigate a world that's gone pretty mad in the face of the COVID pandemic...

...or, are we in the Land of Not as it Seems! Stay tuned. Share this post with a friend. You will not want to miss these letters!

Dr. Russell Thomas

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